Several years ago, when we were The American Small Business Coalition, we developed a brand that was ahead of its time. The original intent was creating a community of nerds and geeks who were tasked with shredding government contracting data, information and systems. We wanted to do this because we're good at it ourselves and have been training folks in Government and Industry for over ten years how to find, understand and connect the "dots" more accurately and efficiently.

That brand, GovCon Geek Squad, is back and this time with a vengeance as we roll out training's, certifications and more for the hard working folks out there known as GovCon Geeks. Who are the GovCon Geek's you ask? In industry, they are the Sales Support, entry level BD Analysts and everyone else tasked with knowing where to go to get the data and information used in making important decisions during the BD Life Cycle.

We're excited to launch this newsletter on LinkedIn and even more excited to share tips and tricks we've developed and learned over three decades. Our goal here and in the overall Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors continuum, is creating and sharing tactics to make getting the information needed, work better and faster! Stay tuned.


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