One of the greatest benefits I receive in leading GovCon Club is ongoing education. Yes, executives and professionals from Industry come to us for education and training to take charge of their GovCon futures, but I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the value I have received, and continue to receive while assisting others.

Since co-founding and leading The American Small Business Coalition (now GovCon Club) with Margaret, I have been just as much a student as I have been an advisor and instructor. Intended outcome or not, it has served me well. On a daily basis, I find myself leading and participating in discussions on topics not part of my repertoire when I came to Government Contracting in 1988 or when we launched this community in 2004. While offering expertise and insights acquired over my career to some of the best and brightest emerging and established business leaders, these problem-solvers who had migrated from commercial markets or retired from the Federal Government, were simultaneously sharing invaluable knowledge with me. Today, I use all of it to guide entrepreneurs and business owners on finding their own paths in Government Contracting. One of the results of our previous 17 years is GovCon Club programs providing a full range of knowledge and skills for planning and executing growth activities.

Speaking of results...

We're known for listening to our member community as we refine current programs, and develop new ones. They routinely see the results of their inputs. In 2011, we developed Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors® based on that feedback, to help companies and individuals see and understand the opportunity landscape more clearly. It began as a one hour workshop that became a sophisticated two-day bootcamp accompanied by four months of continued learning and group coaching. Today, Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors® is canon for our curriculum, and that curriculum now includes RESULTS! Lab. As the name implies, it's about achieving results, on multiple levels and at the earliest possible opportunity. Where our Bootcamp Complete program assumes participants have executed steps necessary to optimize Marketing, Business Development and Capture Management activities, RESULTS! Lab starts before that by helping cohort members develop a roadmap for their offerings based on the ObjectivesCustomersBuyersProgramsRequirements and Companies that matter to achieving each participants' objectives.

The six-week pilot program we just wrapped up resulted in a desire for a year-round program with ongoing coaching and accountability. So we listened and launched the annual membership based on the activities and outcomes of RESULTS! Lab. Throughout the year, cohort members will leverage structured strategy reviews, coaching and peer accountability to develop intentional, evidence-based plans for finding and winning contracts and subcontracts in the federal sector.

The inspiration comes from current and past participants in programs like Bootcamp Complete and Wingman SOARR. SOARR, which stands for Scale, Optimize, Accelerate, Refuel and Refocus, is leadership development and execution unique to Government Contractors, and was our very first annual cohort, four years ago. We brought together business leaders from a variety of disciplines, and at varying stages of growth, and immersed them in online and in-person discussions and education that resulted in outcomes we could never have planned for or imagined.

When the January 2022 RESULTS! Lab cohort takes off, we will be guiding these cohort-members in the spirit of the successes realized by our Wingman SOARR members, and with the knowledge we continue to build on everyday. When this next cohort begins achieving their victories, the transformations will be something to see.


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