Ashley Elkins, Vitality South

Ashley Elkins joins GovCon Club from Tupelo, Mississippi where she is a wife and mother to two daughters.  Her family is happiest when they are on the go.  Her daughters participate in piano, chess, archery, gymnastics and cheer, and Ashely is lucky enoughto be their chauffer.  In her very limited downtime, she loves to bake and be crafty!

At Vitality South, they love working on websites, social media, software and mobile apps.  Businesses don't have to have a fully fleshed out idea of what they want them to create, just a problem they want Vitality South to solve and they'll do the rest.  They have a programming team that makes incredible custom software, and a design team that makes amazing graphics and websites.  Both teams are stronger because of the other, making beautiful, functioning products.

Company Description:

Our team of marketers, coders, and artists are passionate about helping organizations reach their peak. We know this: you know your business better than we could ever know it. That’s why we listen diligently, and strive to provide a fresh perspective to help improve upon the good things you already have going on. Sure, we can build great websites, manage social media, improve your SEO ranking, etc. But what we love to do is listen intently, and then provide a comprehensive solution that will not just band-aid the problem, but invigorate your brand.

Primary Industry: Computer & Network Security, Computer Software, Information Technology and Services, Marketing and Advertising

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