Podcast family, this is our 100th episode! We’ve only made it this far because of you. So, for this special occasion, Mark Cole and John Maxwell meet up in Highlands, North Carolina, to reflect on the impact The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast has had around the world, what they’ve learned from being with you each week, and how they’ve grown through this journey.

Since its launch in July of 2018, The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast has been downloaded 7.2 million times and has become one of the top leadership podcasts in the world. But John teaches that milestones are not markers to rest on––they are launching pads for more impact and more transformation. Even though there’s a lot to celebrate, we’re more excited about impacting even more leaders like you in the future and continuing to bring you more of John Maxwell’s timeless leadership lessons.

For this special episode, instead of offering you a Bonus Resource like we usually do, Mark and John have a couple of special gifts for our podcast listeners that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to listen to this 100th episode and take advantage of these limited-time gifts!

This episode is dedicated to our late friend, Richard Chancy, who was the steam that got this train going. Richard, we are all better because of you.

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