Originally posted October 12, 2018

Government Contracting continues to be a tremendous opportunity for many companies but it also continues to become more sophisticated. The bar for entering, achieving a position and protecting that position in this marketplace, rises every day. All too often, companies are not prepared to execute in a way that maximizes their efforts and the likelihood of finding and winning opportunities.

44187571 - river mouth lighthouse and granite pier in a foggy night“How do you connect the dots if you don’t know what the dots mean?” is a question and philosophy I offered up in 2014. Many business leaders, executives and professionals are operating from a diminished level of understanding of federal contracting processes and terminology. This results in a hazy view of the competitive and opportunity landscape, a view historically developed as a result of guidance received from agencies and industry consultants. Think about the over-reliance and misunderstanding of NAICS Codes. Also, think about the amount of time companies spend pursuing MAC dollars. For many, it’s disproportionate to the number of dollars obligated to MACs. As of today, single-award contract vehicle and standalone contract obligations represent two-thirds of reported obligations and more. Of the $434.6B currently reported in FPDS-NG, $329.3B was obligated to single-award indefinite delivery vehicles (BOA, BPA and IDC), definitive contracts and purchase orders.

Do you have a clear view of how customers classify and purchase what you sell?

guy-keynote-closeup-at-ivc2016About the Author

‘Go-To-Guy' Timberlake is Chief Visionary Officer of The American Small Business Coalition and is a 30-year veteran of government contracting with operational experience, knowledge and relationships acquired supporting civilian, defense and intelligence agency programs. He is the creator of Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors™, GovCon Geek Squad™ and GovCon Wingman™, and is considered an expert in federal sector business development and competitive intelligence.

Guy is a devoted husband and father who loves being the head chef for homemade pizza and stir-fry nights with family and friends. ‘Go-To-Guy’ is the nickname given to him by defense customers who knew him, liked him and trusted him to get the job done.

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