Keys to Pricing in Government Contracting (Education Committee)

What goes into developing a price that is both competitive and profitable? Do you use the same strategy in pricing products versus services? How do approaches vary when pricing for Defense versus Civilian federal agencies?

Keys to Pricing in Government Contracting was recorded August 3, 2021 and features the insights and opinions of three of our Founding Members:

Courtney, Heather and Tan bring their expertise to the table to, at a high-level, demystify the art of pricing goods and services when working in the very competitive and compliance-driven business of federal contracting. 

This 42:00 minute video is produced in eleven segments to make it easy to listen to and to find any of the numerous gold nuggets shared by our three experts. Ready to watch, learn and listen? Just hit the play button below to get started.

Here's What's Covered:

  1. Price to Win. Price to Perform.
  2. LPTA Myths
  3. Pricing Incumbent Contracts
  4. Know Thy Customer
  5. Is Price Really Why You Lost?
  6. Got Best Value? Can You Deliver?
  7. Tipping the Scale and Brand Reputation
  8. Audits, Pricing Products and Can You Afford to Win?
  9. Margin versus Profit
  10. How Price Strategies Vary
  11. Final Thoughts


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