And it's NextChapters for groups and organizations who want to tap into the awesomeness of membership in GovCon Club!

In short, a chapter is an opportunity to create a private, branded presence within the GovCon Club community for your company, business club, chamber or association, just to name a few. This club-within-a-club is yours to use anyway you like to create value for current clients, members or prospects. When we shared the concept early on with other organizations, they told us they saw it as a tremendous attraction and retention tool for them and started signing up. Our very first chapter is with the Tower Club Tysons Corner and we are in talks with a few businesses and a local chamber interested in starting their chapter very soon!

What's in it for their clients and members? All of the benefits of Associate Membership in addition to having their own space to gather. Stay tuned as more details are published and check here for a look at the NextChapter Program in the GovCon Club. 


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