[PRESS RELEASE] Growth of Chambers, Clubs and Reseller Programs is NextChapter

Columbia, MD, September 3, 2021 – As traditional markets are being impacted by an array of known and unexpected influences, companies of every size and discipline are seeking knowledge and resources to help them engage and thrive in Government Contracting. Doing business with the U.S. Government, the largest customer in the world, has a high learning curve to match the high potential of this marketplace. GovCon Club™ NextChapter, a managed services program, is a new resource gaining traction with associations, business clubs and other organizations seeking to boost how they attract and retain clients and members. To better understand what’s driving the interest for these organizations, we’ll let our Chief Visionary, Go-To-Guy Timberlake, tell you about it.


“Government Contracting is an awesome and amazing market sector that’s been my life since 1988. It can be dangerous, dizzying, and dynamic at the exact same moment, as well as life changing,” he says. “Many organizations interested in Government Contracting as a benefit activity, establish committees and interest groups in the hope of achieving maximum appeal and value. Unfortunately, many never reach that desired outcome due to insufficient dedicated resources and time. NextChapter is how we deliver robust content, relationships and efficiencies, out of the box, so to speak.”


Opening that box reveals a robust online community home to a nationwide membership network, one of the immediately accessible benefits. NextChapter partners will also find a plethora of digital content for education, training and general discussions, frequent public, and members only events and even more. GovCon Club NextChapter solutions can be purchased as a 12, 24 or 36-month subscription.


“GovCon Club NextChapter helps us to grow other organizations by helping them grow their customers. We get to do what we do best, and it allows them to focus on what they do best,” adds Timberlake


As the literal ‘next chapter’ of The American Small Business Coalition, GovCon Club is a federal contracting-focused community providing curated education, training and networking programs to individuals and organizations. One of the most significant benefits for all GovCon Club members is access to the organization’s Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors® education and training. Launched in 2011 as a single bootcamp, it continues to be touted as must-have training by novices and veterans of Government Contracting.


The origin of NextChapter is rooted in Guy’s contributions to a local business club where he was chairman of a Government Contracting committee. “We hosted a monthly speaker program that was great for providing information monthly and getting members to the club monthly. Even before the pandemic, I was developing an approach to increase access and value while at and away from the club. Prospective members were citing the government contracting as a key reason for joining, even after the club had closed because of the pandemic.”


That business club claimed the very first NextChapter. Today, local chambers are exploring NextChapter as a member perk, and manufacturers pursuing smart growth for their resellers, are preparing to start their NextChapters.

To start your NextChapter, contact GovCon Club at (410) 381-7378 and choose option 6, or visit us at govcon.club/page/nextchapter.

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About GovCon Club NextChapter

A GovCon Club NextChapter is a full featured membership community in a box. It allows for rapid member onboarding, training for the group manager(s) and a bounty of relevant and easy-to-access benefits for invited guests of a NextChapter. Each managed chapter includes a private, feature-rich, and modern group page with member directory, events engine, discussion forums and more! NextChapter subscriptions can be purchased for as few as twenty-five members for 12, 24 or 36 months. For additional details, contact GovCon Club at (410) 381-7378, option 6, or email us at nextchapter at govcon dot club.

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